Top 5 Boise Bars and Why They Made Our Best Bars in Boise List

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Bars in Boise Downtown

Bars in Boise Downtown are full of food, fun, and of course, BEER!

1. Prost!:

That’s right!

There’s so many reasons why Prost is hands-down our favorite bar. Located on Boise’s 8th street, Prost is right in the center of everything that Downtown Boise has to offer.

First of all:

If you work anywhere in Downtown Boise, then you’re no more than a 5-minute walk to this heavenly place. It’s indoor and outdoor seating makes for a great venue for a quick client meeting or a lunch-break with the co-workers. Saturday mornings and early afternoons are always bustling around Prost! Why not indulge in what Boise’s seasonal Farmer’s Market has to offer, then head over to Prost for an authentic German beer that’ll make you feel like you walked right into Munich, Germany.

Oh right, the beer!:

If you’re a fan of German imported beers like we are, then you’ll agree with us that Prost is the best bar in Boise and possibly the best bar in the entire Pacific Northwest! Prost keeps all of the most popular German beers on tap such as Hofbrau, Bitburger, Warsteiner, Ayinger, and many rotating seasonal beers that you can’t usually find in any American store. If you truly appreciate a good German brew, then the Prost bier menu is something you need to take a look at.

Das Boot!:

This is probably NSFW, but we can’t write a review on Prost without mentioning it. Show up to Prost with at least 3 friends or co-workers after work or on the weekend and order the boot (don’t order it if you have to go back to work). The Boot at Prost is a 2-liter glass shaped like a boot that 3 or more people pass around until it’s finished.

The kicker?:

You’re not allowed to set the boot down until it’s finished (we don’t recommend ordering a dark beer for this one… we learned the hard way). Definitely, take the time to visit Prost! You’ll see why it made #1 on our best bars in Boise list.

-Written by James Effarah.

Our Creative Director, James Effarah, can always be found roaming Boise's 8th Street district where Prost and other great Boise bars and restaurants call home. "Basking in the summer sunshine while enjoying a pint (or two) of Hofbrau on Prost's patio is the right way to do it." - James Effarah

Boise bars and restaurants take center stage in Boise night life.

Coming in at number two on our list:

Bittercreek Alehouse!

It was difficult for us to choose our favorite bars in Boise. If you’ve spent some time in the heart of downtown you’ll know that our top two bars are right next door to each other! Just like Prost, Bittercreek’s indoor and outdoor seating has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that makes it great for a quick lunch with your significant other or an after-work drink with your friends. Also, if you’re looking for a Boise Bars happy hour, this is the place to be.

What we drink:

For us, this is one of our favorite spots in the city to get a mixed drink. With a great selection of top and mid-shelf bottles, there is something for everyone. The bartenders are top notch, friendly and attentive. You will not be disappointed no matter what your drink of choice may be.

The beers:

We would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the beers when talking about a tavern with alehouse in the name. A constantly rotating tap menu keeps you interested in what may be coming up with everything from some relatively tame IPA’s to the American Sour from Grand Teton Brewing it will always keep you interested. For us, it’s all about the stouts, porters, and sours that we know will be on tap. There is always something new for us to try and enjoy when we walk in and take a bar stool.

The Food:

Who doesn’t want to eat something when they’re sipping a nice cold brew? With everything from bar snacks like their Buffalo’s Anchor Bar Wings (a personal favorite with a light frothy lager), to the hearty Huntsman burger, there is something to go with every drink under the sun. If we were doing a Top 5 list of the best Boise bars and restaurants, Bittercreek would still make the list.

There is also The Cellar, which is shared with the Red Feather Lounge, where beer and food pairing events regularly take place. There is an event later this month in which we are particularly excited for; the kitchen team from Bittercreek and Red Feather will be teaming up with Barbarian Brewing to do a tasting with food from Bittercreek paired with beers from Barbarian Brewing. This is sure to be a can’t-miss event.

-Written by Joe Hooper.

You'll more than likely run into our Account Director, Joe Hooper, at Bittercreek. We'll take a bet that he's diving head first into a Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour!

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Boise Nightlife reviews

Silly Birch should technically be considered one of the best sports bars in Boise, Idaho, but its Downtown Boise location also makes it one of the best bars in Boise for singles and college students.

Downtown Boise has no shortage of nightlife. There’s plenty of bars and clubs, all with different vibes depending on what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re seeking a wild night or a relaxing drink, Boise has just what you’re looking for. Here’s a short list of our favorite Boise college bars to really hit off a Friday or Saturday night.

3. Amsterdam Lounge:

Amsterdam made the list for a couple reasons. Not only is it a little more upscale than other bars in Boise, it also has multiple seating areas and you can always find a table. There’s an outdoor area with a bar and a fireplace making it an excellent option to begin the night.

4. Silly Birch:

Silly Burch is just as fun on a slow Tuesday as a slammed Saturday. Full of shuffleboard and pool tables, Silly Birch is a great place to kick back and have a few with some good friends. It’s probably the best bar near Boise State University and one of the best bars in Boise for singles.

5. Dirty Little Roddy’s:

Known as “Roddy’s” by its local Boise patrons, this bar is the wildest Boise college bar of the three. Loud music and a country feel make this one of our favorite spots to end the night. Complete with a mechanical bull and multiple dance floors, Roddy’s is always chock full of twenty-somethings blowing off steam from school, as well as young professionals out for a night on the town.

-Written by Nick Hooper.

On weekends, you can find our Account Manager, Nick Hooper, at these college bars having a great time with friends.