testmettle's branding is close to home. Here is a testmettle point-of-view of Boise's historic Idanha Hotel.

the assignment

Develop an entire brand from the ground-up including logo design, brand identity, brand message, integrated marketing campaign, web design and social media marketing.

facebook ad examples


  • Develop a succinct and informative way to describe testmettle’s unique services.
  • Create a consistent and locally familiar brand image, advocating local Boise architecture


  • Social media marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Web design
social marketing campaign

social media campaign

Over the span of two weeks, testmettle’s social media campaign generated 31,000+ impressions while maintaining a cost-per-click (CPC) of under $4.00 and utilizing a very limited ad spend budget.

Leveraging PR on facebook

What does a 1 day, $20 ad campaign get you? With our team’s expertise, and a press release from the Idaho Statesman, you get about 1,800 impressions, 65 clicks, and a CPC of $0.31. Keep your wallet in your pocket and save your spending money for something fun, we got this.

creating a culture through branding

Colorful, full of life, and using witty humor, testmettle’s branding is familiar, emulating other successful ed-tech brands targeting college students.

facebook marketing strategy
facebook marketing for small business
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facebook marketing costs

Explaining new concepts through video

Clear, concise, and engaging – our team helped describe testmettle’s unique services to small businesses as well as students. We developed a script, storyboard, and overall message for testmettle’s explainer video.

testmettle explainer video