Generate More Traffic Through Social Media

Social media management for small businesses, corporations, and start-ups in Boise, Idaho

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – Oh my!

Social media is a daunting word for most business owners – tech savvy or not.

Think about it:

You have to coordinate everything! Writing posts, finding relevant photos and videos, scheduling posts, and replying to your customers. Add social media advertising into the mix and you may feel in over your head.


The good news:

Boise Idaho Advertising can save you some trouble. Hand-off the hassles of your social media management to us. We know how to effectively use social media for companies looking to expand their internet brands.

Our digital media team’s social media marketing services will help you engage more customers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms.


That’s right:

We engage more customers on social media. Social media isn’t just about scheduling posts and hoping you get people to like your page. That’s NOT what we do.

Our team creates entirely integrated paid advertising campaigns across multiple channels. We’ll help you reach highly targeted social media users within the boundaries of your business operations.

Advertising on social media sites is a complex balance of researching your target audience, properly budgeting your ad spend, implementing your sponsored ad campaigns, and finally, A/B testing your ads.

If done right, social media advertising can have a huge ROI.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How can social medial marketing benefit your small business?

Here's a few statistics for your Boise, Caldwell, Meridian and Nampa business owners.

How many people are using social media?

There was 1.96 billion worldwide users on social media in 2016 and it’s continuing to grow rapidly. Currently, 78% of U.S. Citizens have at least one social media account, but most millennials aged 18-34 are active on at least 3 social media platforms. There’s plenty of fish in the social media sea; are you catching them one at a time, or are you pulling them in by the boat-load?

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Is social media marketing effective?

The effectiveness of social media advertising has been proven time-and-time-again to beat all other media channels. Promotion on social media has overtaken TV advertising as the media channel with the greatest reach to target audiences at a fraction of the cost of prime-time TV ad spots. Furthermore, a 2014 case study conducted by renowned marketing Professor Kartik Hosanagar of the University of Pennsylvania reported a 38% increase in product sales from customers exposed to business Facebook pages and facebook paid advertising.

Social Media Marketing Boise

Why is social media important for business?

The importance of social media in today’s society is obvious. People of all sorts spend the majority of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This is where the world consumes its information. This is where the world now prefer’s to be. They need to see your business through their screen before they’re convinced to make a purchase. Can they find you?

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