Professional SEO Services

Why will our Boise SEO services generate more traffic to your website?

Because our Boise SEO Company will put in the work it takes to get you onto the first page of Google.

Finding professional, yet affordable SEO services in Idaho may be a challenge.

First of all, you need to know:

  • some SEO basics
  • develop your SEO strategy
  • constantly keep up with Google SEO and Bing SEO best-practices (they change all the time)

And finally, you need to implement these SEO techniques daily to maintain your web marketing momentum.

It’s a lot to manage, it’s a lot to learn, and it costs a lot of money to in-house a team of SEO specialists.

We should also mention that quickly developing markets like Boise, Idaho create a very competitive environment for many industries. Managing a successful Boise search engine optimization campaign is a job for an Idaho SEO company that’s willing to put in the work.


There’s always an affordable solution:

Our team at Boise Idaho Advertising offers affordable SEO services at a fraction of the price of employing an SEO specialist. We compete with other Boise SEO companies to offer you a competitive price. We also provide a tailored experience that you simply can’t get from larger Idaho SEO agencies.

Affordable SEO Services Idaho

Wait until you see our process:

It’s 3 simple steps really: the Initial consultation, the project, and monthly SEO maintenance.

1. SEO Consultation:

After you’ve requested a consultation, we’ll prepare an SEO analysis report with regards to fixing your website’s on-page SEO, and if your website has any HTML errors or needs a new web design update.

Then, we’ll ask you a few industry-specific questions about your company’s products or services as well as whatever geographic and demographic data you have about your customers (don’t worry if you don’t have any, we can figure it out).

Finally, with the information given, our team will determine a final SEO strategy and implementation plan that you’ll sign-off on.

2. The Project:

After the consultation process, our team gets to start the dirty work. Extensive Keyword research and competitive analysis will create the foundation for your website’s SEO strategy.

Going down the SEO checklist, we’ll begin to optimize your on-page elements then move on to editing your page’s content with our effective SEO copywriting techniques (Don’t worry, we draft everything first for your approval before we update them live on your site). We’ll also verify your site through Google and submit a sitemap for indexing if you have not done so already.

After our on-page SEO overhaul, our team will assess your off-page web presence. Web SEO is dependent on a healthy social media marketing plan, inbound links from other relevant websites, and whether-or-not you have local SEO services implemented (i.e. getting your business listed on Google Maps, Yelp, and other local review sites).

3. Monthly Maintenance:

This is the most important factor to maintaining a first-page position on Google and other search engines. Search engines not only like fresh, new content and continued customer engagement, but they also like a website that keeps up with their changing SEO algorithms and requirements.

Our team lives and breathes SEO, and we keep up with the most recent and relevant SEO guidelines. We’ll also create new pages on your website, and recycle/ remove any old/ irrelevant content on your site as time goes by.

(Google HATES outdated and irrelevant content – they’ll get you for it).

Anytime you need a special new page created, or just need the peace of mind that your website is always expertly kept up-to-date, our SEO managers will be working on it.

We’ll send you a monthly Google Analytics report to track your website’s SEO progress.

Unlike other SEO marketing companies, we keep an open communication channel with our clients. You’ll experience the best service possible because your satisfaction is our expectation.

Local SEO – Affordable SEO Services in Idaho

Boise SEO is our specialty, but we understand that most clients are looking for affordable SEO services for the entire state of Idaho. We can do that.

Our team can target different products or services to different locations. We’ll optimize your web pages to different demographics of people living in different regions of the great state of Idaho. We can also venture out to the entire Pacific Northwest.

If you do business all throughout the Treasure Valley area, you may want to consider separating your SEO by city:

  • Boise SEO
  • Meridian SEO
  • Nampa SEO
  • Caldwell SEO
  • Ontario SEO
Meridian SEO Google Maps

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

To define search engine optimization, we’ve got to get into the mind of Google and other search engines. In order to provide the most useful content, search engines like Google and Bing have created very specific criteria in which they judge your website’s informational value to its viewers.

Generally, you can say that websites with the most relevant, unique and engaging content are ranked the highest.

It’s much more complicated than that once you consider the technical aspects that Google considers.

This includes optimizing your website’s UI/UX (user interface/ user experience), meta and title tags, verifying your website and submitting sitemaps, managing your social media presence, using the right keywords in the right places, constantly updating and creating new useful content, and staying up-to-date with Google SEO guidelines.

“SEO is similar to having a lot of moving parts on a very delicate machine.”

– Nick Hooper, Account Manager

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