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PPC plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing strategy

Generate traffic

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to pay for clicks to your website. Our team will target your audience by bidding on the keywords they use to search for your product or service. Properly targeting your audience reduces your Cost Per Click (CPC) and increases your ad effectiveness.

Faster exposure

Organic SEO techniques can take up to 12 months for a new business to rank well on Google. If your business is just starting out, paying for ad space on Google can bring your business to the front page instantly, generating traffic to your site and helping your organic SEO page ranking in the process.


Have you ever wondered why that car you really liked is following you on every website you visit? 98% of customers don’t make a purchase on their first visit to your website. Remarketing allows you to retarget customers who have visited your site to help them keep you in mind until they’re ready to buy.

What is PPC?

PPC advertising is a search engine marketing tactic to help customers find your website online. Google and Bing offer prime ad spaces at the tops of their search results pages that you can pay for.


The Boise Idaho Advertising agency can manage your search engine advertising by identifying effective keywords to bid on and effectively target your audience, converting them into customers and generating traffic to your website.

Boise Idaho PPC Advertising

How our Google AdWords Agency Maximizes Your Ad Spend

What to expect from a Boise Idaho PPC company.

Boise Idaho PPC


Good PPC companies post Google AdWords ads.

Great PPC companies maximize your ad spend by continually testing and fine-tuning your ads for effectiveness, resulting in a lower cost-per-click.

Our Boise Idaho PPC agency takes it a step further than that.

We’ll target your audience specifically, ensuring your advertising dollars don’t go to waste. Our primary KPIs (key performance indicators) are to create conversions, generate sales, and ultimately, realizing a substantial increase in profit margins for your company. We’ll cross-analyze the effectiveness of your Google and Bing ads with your paid social media marketing campaigns.

What to look for in a Google AdWords Agency


A lot of Boise digital marketing companies will say that they offer PPC when it’s really only an afterthought. They focus on Social media, SEO and web design, but they put PPC at the bottom of the priority list.

Honestly, we don’t blame them. Pay-per-click advertising requires meticulous supervision. Cost-Per-click can change in an instant, your ads can become inefficient, and you can end up spending a lot of money with no results.

Our agency puts your company’s PPC campaign at the forefront. We’ll constantly monitor, and refine your ads to maximize your ad spend.

After deciding your monthly ad spend budget, we’ll integrate your payment information into our master Google AdWords account and our Facebook Ads Manager account (and any other advertising platforms). From here, we’ll work to maximize your dollar’s buying power for you ad campaigns within your stated monthly budget.

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)


A quick but very important side note:

Conversions, sales, profits. That’s what really matters in any advertising campaign. Agencies that try to convince you of the importance of impressions are skewing the facts.

Impressions are nothing more than page views. These are customers who scroll past your ad without giving it a second thought.

Other agencies use this metric because of the inflated numbers it allows them to put on their reports. It requires no skills to track an ad based on impressions, just wasted money.

How does our agency charge for PPC Advertising?


$500 / 18% / $6,500


We charge a percentage of ad spend with a minimum and maximum cap. What this means is we retain an 18% service fee from your monthly ad spend budget, but we’ll cap our maximum service fee at $6,500 per month to protect your company if your ad spend is very large. We cap our minimum service fee at $500 per month to ensure  a fair payment for our services.

While many ad agencies keep their service fee confidential until they send you the bill, we prefer to be transparent. Ad spend service fees tend to span from 15% to 33% with most large agencies hovering above the 20% mark.

Larger agencies need to cover a lot more overhead such as salary expense, therefore their services fees are much higher.

With Boise Idaho Advertising, you’ll get professional PPC services at a competitive service fee, and we’ll give your campaign the attention it needs to be successful.

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