Here's 5 tips to secure your electronic devices and get back at your prankster


*We do not condone the actions you take to get even with your prankster this April Fool’s Day. These are only meant to serve as examples. Be tasteful and stay out of trouble. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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April Fools Office Prank

You could see how this prank can go south pretty fast if you have to send a quick text to your boss.

1. The Prank:

Text replacement. This one is a classic. The prankster grabs your phone while you’re out of the office and sets your autocorrect to replace common words such as “and”, “but”, etc. with rather hilarious phrases. You could see how this prank can go south pretty fast if you have to send a quick text to your boss.


How to get them back*:

Easy. Packing peanuts. Approximately 14 cubic feet to be exact. This should be enough to fill a small office roughly knee-deep with those crunchy little bundles of joy. It’ll run you about $35 on amazon, but if you’re on a tight schedule, you can run down to your local Wal-Mart on your lunch-break to grab a few bags.


Security measures:

Set a passcode for your phone. This digital security tip may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t ever bother securing their devices. If you already have a password on your lock-screen, it’s time to change it.

April Fool's Office Pranks Just Keep getting Better From Here

2. The Prank:

Setting an embarrassing video to play on max-volume when you boot-up your work computer.


How to get them back*:

Fun fact: luggage locks fit perfectly through those little holes at the ends of your power-chords. Don’t know what we’re getting at? Check out the picture.


Security measures:

This is a tricky one, especially if your boss, or IT guy is the prankster. They’ll usually have admin access to your work computer, rendering passwords useless. There’s two things you can do here.

  1. If it’s a laptop, just take it with you whenever you step out of the office for a while, especially on April Fool’s Day.
  2. If your laptop is bolted down, or you’re stuck on that old desktop, you can always leave a passive-aggressive note on your computer, warning your potential prankster to back-off or expect retaliation.
luggage lock office prank

Now you get it! Have fun!

Febreze grenade office pranks

Make sure it's a strong smelling one. We suggest Hawaiian Breeze or Cranberry.

3. The Prank:

Changing your office phone’s voicemail greeting. This one’s a bit childish, but your prankster may think it’s actually funny (yeah… we all know those people). This prank may also get you into trouble with your boss, or worse, you could lose a solid lead.


How to get them back*:

For a prankster as childish as this, it’s best to take the high-road. By that, we mean throwing a Febreze grenade into their office. Making a Febreze grenade is simple (see image for details).


Security measures:

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually set a pin to access your voicemail box. As millennials ourselves, we get how strange that big bulky desk phone that your office makes you use is. All those buttons make as much logical sense as an old Gameboy Color cheat code, but after a few YouTube videos and some trial-and error, you can get a security pin set up in no-time.

4. The Prank:

Rotated display. This prank is nothing more than a minor annoyance. All you have to do is go into your PC display settings or Mac’s display settings and set it back to default. The fact that someone made the effort to prank you however means WAR.


How to get them back*:

Broken Monitor”. Do a quick Google image search a find a high-resolution picture of a broken monitor. Set it as your prankster’s background.


Security measures:

There’s nothing new here, just set a password or take your laptop with you. But honestly, rotating your screen is a weak prank.

Broken monitor prank

There's a special place in our hearts for this one.

Funny April Fool's Day prank

Yup. This one just about does it.

5. The Prank:

Duct-taping your mouse’s laser-optic sensor. Hopefully, you only spent a few seconds wondering why your mouse wasn’t working before you checked the bottom of your mouse. If not… we understand.


How to get them back*:

Lube. Need I say more?


Security measures:

Do a routine check on your electronic devices. Then, sit back and relax as you watch your co-workers use the “hand-sanitizer”.

Here’s to a Happy April Fool’s from the BIA team!