Only Traditional Values at Our Agency

In a world where loyalty and values have gone by the wayside, our Boise digital marketing agency is bringing back the trust and respect that should have never gone away. At Boise Idaho Advertising, the top digital marketing agency in Boise, You’ll find something that some of the top ad agencies don’t have; integrity. Our Boise digital marketing agency stays true to the ways our fathers and grandfathers did business; upfront, straightforward, and with a traditional understanding of what a firm handshake means. At Boise Idaho Advertising, your success isn’t our goal, it’s our expectation.

We guarantee an unparalleled level of attention and care because we know how hard you’ve worked to get your business this far. We know what that 60+ hour work-week is like because that’s just how it goes for us. It’s not that we like it. Nor are we workaholics. Our fathers simply taught us what honest work ethic was, and we listened. Other ad agencies brag about their work-from-home policies and 4-hour work-weeks…

“Well, we work for a living.”

Let’s grow our businesses together. We’re not the biggest marketing firm in the world. We’re not the Drake Coopers or the Davies Moores of Boise, Idaho. We don’t want to be that. We want to be the agency that grows with our clients.

You supply your entrepreneurial belief in your business, and we’ll supply our team’s expert knowledge of internet marketing tactics. We’ll take care of all the digital marketing like SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and social media. New customers will find you, and you’ll be happy you contacted us in the first place, we’re sure of it.

We’re here to turn clients into long-term business relationships. Remember, an ad agency is only as big as its clients. When your business grows, our business grows. When we help you succeed, we succeed as well. The team at Boise Idaho Advertising is dedicated to that.

“Success isn’t our goal, It’s our expectation.”

“In our experience, simple works.” 

– Joe Hooper, Account Director

Our Boise Digital Marketing Services

Our service package is simple. We won’t upsell you with the latest features and we’ll only recommend the marketing services that are right for you, your business, and your customers.


Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank higher on Google, Bing, or any other search engine that your customers use. SEO consists of keyword research regarding your target customer’s search behavior and implementing that data onto your site. Can your customers find you?


Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC is the internet version of buying prime-time commercial spots on TV, only cheaper and more effective. Our team will manage your online ad campaign and bid on effective Google or Bing keywords, optimizing your ad spend budget.

Social Media

Social media is the key to growing your brand’s audience. We’ll manage all the good stuff: Facebook ads, create and schedule social posts, and most importantly, engage customers. We’ll get social media to work for your business, and in turn, improve your search engine rankings.

Meet The Few & The Proud at BIA

We know we're a rare breed - they just don't make advertisers like they used to. It's really hard finding creative young professionals that hold true to our traditional values and expectations. Honestly, we'd rather be refinishing old furniture or reloading old brass, but we're just too darned good at this digital marketing thing.

Our team is a diverse group of Boise digital marketing professionals hailing from different industries across the Pacific Northwest.

Say hello!

Joe Hooper Advertising Account Director Boise
Joe Hooper

Account Director

Nick Hooper Boise Account Manager
Nick Hooper

Account Manager

James Effarah Boise Creative Director
James Effarah

Creative Director

We've Worked Everywhere

Our team brings years of experience from a diverse mix of previous employers. For instance, one team member helped a Silicon Valley start-up introduce its ed-tech software to the Boise market, while another team member managed the business development operations of a Portland, Oregon HVAC distributor. Our different backgrounds come together to create a powerful team dynamic. We'll stand up to your digital marketing service expectations.

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