10 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in 2017

First of all, let’s agree on one thing:

Digital marketing makes everyone want to tear their hair out, even digital marketing specialists. If you’re struggling to build your brand online, or you’re tired of managing your own digital marketing, then keep calm and read on:

Here’s our list of the top 10 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency for 2017.

10 Reasons to hire a digital marketing agency
Hiring a digital marketing agency saves money

Hiring a digital marketing agency can save you time and money.

1. Massive Savings on Valuable Time– Get back to Running Your Business:

Hiring a digital marketing agency can free up a lot of your valuable time. You’d have to calculate the actual productive value of your time to get any sort of accurate measure, but we’ll bet it’s pretty valuable.

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone who manages a lot of projects and people, you can’t be taking up your time learning, brainstorming, and implementing a digital marketing campaign; it’s just not a financially beneficial trade-off.

Don’t get us wrong, you need a digital marketing campaign to maximize your business potential, but your time as a decision-maker is better spent doing what you do best – running your business. Leave the digital marketing and advertising to an agency.


2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date with the Latest Digital Marketing Trends:

Google and other search engines change their search algorithms all the time. Therefore, Google is our mortal enemy; and yours too (Unless you work for Google).

With how often search engines change their ranking systems, it’s a no-brainer as to why you should hire a digital marketing agency. The best digital marketing team consists of digital marketing specialists that live and breathe digital marketing 8 hours a day, every day, researching the latest digital marketing trends of different clients from various industries.

That level of expertise and efficiency cannot be matched unless you spent that same amount of time learning the ins-and-outs of digital marketing. To help visualize this, imagine playing chess for 8 hours, every day, making sure to never make the same move twice.

Boutique digital marketing agencies tend to offer expert services for well under market value if it means landing a desirable client.

3. You’ll Never Run out of Ideas if Your Most Creative Advisors are Only a Phone Call Away!

Does it feel like your brand is getting stale? Are your customers not as enthusiastic about your business as they were during your grand opening?

You’re in luck:

Most digital marketing agencies are really just full-service Advertising agencies in-the-making. A lot of digital marketing agencies are full of creative individuals who are eager to break into the creative side of advertising and build their advertising portfolio. They’ll work to assist you with your brand strategy, brand development, and creative solutions.

The reason why many advertising agencies choose a boutique service such as digital marketing instead of jumping into full-service advertising is that the initial capital expenses involved are tremendous. You’ll need more employees to manage the added responsibilities, investments in more software, services, and production equipment, and the development of an entire creative process.

Local digital marketing agencies may not have the resources to buy prime-time commercial slots or create Hollywood production value commercials, but the individuals who make up a digital advertising team are usually very skilled in these creative areas. They can still help guide your brand strategy and help you develop and execute an entirely integrated marketing campaign, at least from a consultant standpoint.


4. Because what in the heck is SEO:

This is the million dollar question. Of all the digital marketing related searches in Google, the question, “What is SEO?” is the most-asked. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your website’s back-end code, on-page content, social media presence, and page authority to rank higher on Google’s Search Results Page.

SEO ideas
digital marketing analytics help you grow your business

Tracking the results of your digital marketing efforts are the key to growing your business online.

5. They’ll grow with your business:

There’s an old saying, “Advertising agencies are only as big as their clients”. When it comes to digital marketing agencies, they are generally a small team, offering their services for well under market value, in the hopes of landing a client with good growth potential. These boutique digital marketing agencies will work day-in and day-out in order to help said client grow their business. These agencies know that putting in the work to help your business grow is not just a service for you, the client, but also a service for the agency to grow as well.


6. It’s all about perspective:

Even if you have a highly effective in-house digital marketing department of your own, it’s still a good idea to have a professional opinion from a third party. In-house marketing agencies get stuck in the routine loop of seeing the same brand, same message, and same advertising for the same employer. The redundancy makes it very easy for an in-house team to miss something, or settle into an ineffective process.


7. Analytics, big data, and someone who’ll actually read them:

If you’re not collecting sales data, click-through rates, and tracking your web traffic, then you’ve got bigger problems. For those who are delving into analytics, you may be running into two problems:

a. You’re having trouble making sense of it all.

b. You don’t have time to make sense of it all.

Either way, your digital marketing agency will handle all the work. They collect your data, generate reports, and even create charts and dashboards to simplify your sales information into something easier to digest. Most digital marketing agencies include monthly analytics reports in their fees, and some of the best agencies will have account executives that are readily available to answer any questions you may have regarding your analytics reports.

Did you know advertising services are 100% tax deductible?

8. Advertising services are 100% tax-deductible as a business expense:

Digital marketing has no tangible transfer of goods like print designs, posters, or business cards; therefore, it is a 100% tax-deductible service. Help lower your taxes next tax season as well as increase your sales potential through professional advertising services. It’s one of those situations where you have nothing to lose, as long as you do your research and hire the right digital marketing agency.


9. Protect your bottom line:

A marketing department is very expensive. You’ve got to pay roughly $36,000 – $62,000 salaries for each employee hired, and you have to invest in extra office space, software, workstations, health and wellness benefits, etc. The list of expenses goes on, and your new marketing department will need substantial time to develop their process and efficiencies before they really get the ball rolling with effective ad campaigns.

For a fraction of the cost (and we literally mean a fraction), you get an entire team of experienced professionals ready to take on your ad campaign – and if you missed reason #8, it’s also tax-deductible, unlike an in-house marketing department.


10. Agencies help you avoid office politics when making big advertising decisions:

In-house digital marketing managers may work on their own self-fulfilling agenda. We’re not saying all in-house agencies do this, but it is also naïve to say this doesn’t happen at all. In-house managers and directors may bend to the requests of superiors who are not well versed in marketing & advertising. These marketing managers would be reluctant to go against their boss’s orders, even if they know it’s a bad marketing decision, because they want to please their superiors and advance in the company.

Agencies have no politics when it comes to clients. Their only agenda is to make sure your business grows so that you can afford larger ad campaigns. They’ll tell it like it is, and let even the CEO himself know if he is wrong or misguided. At the end of the day, growth is key and digital marketing agencies will get the job done.

Advertising expenses are tax deductible

Top 5 Boise Bars and Why They Made Our Best Bars in Boise List

Heads Up:

Don’t forget! Like our Best Boise Bars post and follow our Instagram account for a chance to win $100 to enjoy a weekend out on the town.

Sweepstakes ends Sunday, April 16, 2017.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

*Must be 21 years old to be eligible for your $100 bar tab.


Keep Reading for our Top 5 Boise Bars List: 

cool bars in boise idaho
Bars in Boise Downtown

Bars in Boise Downtown are full of food, fun, and of course, BEER!

1. Prost!:

That’s right!

There’s so many reasons why Prost is hands-down our favorite bar. Located on Boise’s 8th street, Prost is right in the center of everything that Downtown Boise has to offer.

First of all:

If you work anywhere in Downtown Boise, then you’re no more than a 5-minute walk to this heavenly place. It’s indoor and outdoor seating makes for a great venue for a quick client meeting or a lunch-break with the co-workers. Saturday mornings and early afternoons are always bustling around Prost! Why not indulge in what Boise’s seasonal Farmer’s Market has to offer, then head over to Prost for an authentic German beer that’ll make you feel like you walked right into Munich, Germany.

Oh right, the beer!:

If you’re a fan of German imported beers like we are, then you’ll agree with us that Prost is the best bar in Boise and possibly the best bar in the entire Pacific Northwest! Prost keeps all of the most popular German beers on tap such as Hofbrau, Bitburger, Warsteiner, Ayinger, and many rotating seasonal beers that you can’t usually find in any American store. If you truly appreciate a good German brew, then the Prost bier menu is something you need to take a look at.

Das Boot!:

This is probably NSFW, but we can’t write a review on Prost without mentioning it. Show up to Prost with at least 3 friends or co-workers after work or on the weekend and order the boot (don’t order it if you have to go back to work). The Boot at Prost is a 2-liter glass shaped like a boot that 3 or more people pass around until it’s finished.

The kicker?:

You’re not allowed to set the boot down until it’s finished (we don’t recommend ordering a dark beer for this one… we learned the hard way). Definitely, take the time to visit Prost! You’ll see why it made #1 on our best bars in Boise list.

-Written by James Effarah.

Our Creative Director, James Effarah, can always be found roaming Boise's 8th Street district where Prost and other great Boise bars and restaurants call home. "Basking in the summer sunshine while enjoying a pint (or two) of Hofbrau on Prost's patio is the right way to do it." - James Effarah

Boise bars and restaurants take center stage in Boise night life.

Coming in at number two on our list:

Bittercreek Alehouse!

It was difficult for us to choose our favorite bars in Boise. If you’ve spent some time in the heart of downtown you’ll know that our top two bars are right next door to each other! Just like Prost, Bittercreek’s indoor and outdoor seating has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that makes it great for a quick lunch with your significant other or an after-work drink with your friends. Also, if you’re looking for a Boise Bars happy hour, this is the place to be.

What we drink:

For us, this is one of our favorite spots in the city to get a mixed drink. With a great selection of top and mid-shelf bottles, there is something for everyone. The bartenders are top notch, friendly and attentive. You will not be disappointed no matter what your drink of choice may be.

The beers:

We would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the beers when talking about a tavern with alehouse in the name. A constantly rotating tap menu keeps you interested in what may be coming up with everything from some relatively tame IPA’s to the American Sour from Grand Teton Brewing it will always keep you interested. For us, it’s all about the stouts, porters, and sours that we know will be on tap. There is always something new for us to try and enjoy when we walk in and take a bar stool.

The Food:

Who doesn’t want to eat something when they’re sipping a nice cold brew? With everything from bar snacks like their Buffalo’s Anchor Bar Wings (a personal favorite with a light frothy lager), to the hearty Huntsman burger, there is something to go with every drink under the sun. If we were doing a Top 5 list of the best Boise bars and restaurants, Bittercreek would still make the list.

There is also The Cellar, which is shared with the Red Feather Lounge, where beer and food pairing events regularly take place. There is an event later this month in which we are particularly excited for; the kitchen team from Bittercreek and Red Feather will be teaming up with Barbarian Brewing to do a tasting with food from Bittercreek paired with beers from Barbarian Brewing. This is sure to be a can’t-miss event.

-Written by Joe Hooper.

You'll more than likely run into our Account Director, Joe Hooper, at Bittercreek. We'll take a bet that he's diving head first into a Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour!

boise bars and restaurants
Boise Nightlife reviews

Silly Birch should technically be considered one of the best sports bars in Boise, Idaho, but its Downtown Boise location also makes it one of the best bars in Boise for singles and college students.

Downtown Boise has no shortage of nightlife. There’s plenty of bars and clubs, all with different vibes depending on what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re seeking a wild night or a relaxing drink, Boise has just what you’re looking for. Here’s a short list of our favorite Boise college bars to really hit off a Friday or Saturday night.

3. Amsterdam Lounge:

Amsterdam made the list for a couple reasons. Not only is it a little more upscale than other bars in Boise, it also has multiple seating areas and you can always find a table. There’s an outdoor area with a bar and a fireplace making it an excellent option to begin the night.

4. Silly Birch:

Silly Burch is just as fun on a slow Tuesday as a slammed Saturday. Full of shuffleboard and pool tables, Silly Birch is a great place to kick back and have a few with some good friends. It’s probably the best bar near Boise State University and one of the best bars in Boise for singles.

5. Dirty Little Roddy’s:

Known as “Roddy’s” by its local Boise patrons, this bar is the wildest Boise college bar of the three. Loud music and a country feel make this one of our favorite spots to end the night. Complete with a mechanical bull and multiple dance floors, Roddy’s is always chock full of twenty-somethings blowing off steam from school, as well as young professionals out for a night on the town.

-Written by Nick Hooper.

On weekends, you can find our Account Manager, Nick Hooper, at these college bars having a great time with friends.


Build Your Brand Identity by Studying Pacific Northwest Coffee Culture

Build your Brand Identity by Studying Pacific Northwest Coffee Culture

There’s a lot of things PNW Coffee Shops have gotten right when it comes to building a culture around their business and developing their own brand identity.


Here’s a list of a few things that have helped them develop a cult following and continue to attract young people:

  1. These coffee shops provide an intellectually stimulating environment for customers to further discuss and develop their culture.
  2. Products and facilities are customizable. Everyone has “their drink” and “their spot” at the coffee shop.
  3. Employees are almost indistinguishable from customers.
  4. The best coffee shops are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, morally or politically (PC or not, right or left, etc.). Whatever it may be, everyone knows where they stand on that subject.
  5. These Pacific Northwest coffee shops take “local” to a whole new level. They have a local ad agency to do their advertising, they locally source their pastries and drinks, and they may go as far as furnishing their shops through a local carpenter/ antique store.
Pacific Northwest coffee culture brand identity
Seattle Coffee brand identity vs brand image

The early beginnings of American coffee culture; setting the foundation for strong brand identity in Seattle, Portland, and Bend Oregon.

First of all:

Let’s just say that if you wanted to order a latte outside of the Pacific Northwest a quarter-decade ago, there was a good chance that the person serving your coffee wouldn’t know what you were asking for.

The term “barista” wasn’t common American vernacular at the time, and the chances of finding someone who fit that description outside of the Pacific Northwest was rare.


Back then:

Starbucks was still a small shop running out of Seattle, Dutch Bros was still a pushcart in Grants Pass OR and Black Rifle Coffee wasn’t even an idea yet.


25 years later:

The idea that good coffee and specialty drinks should be available everywhere in the US has really caught on.

A lot of this is due to the expansion of major brands like Starbucks on the West Coast, and Dunkin’ Donuts back east.

However, a lot of the best coffee isn’t found in a large corporate chain where the over-priced coffee complements the IKEA furniture.

The giants that created Pacific Northwest coffee culture are past their prime, and now, there is a changing of the guard.

PNW coffee shops stay relevant by allowing their brand identities to adapt to their newer customer's changing preferences.

Back to the old days in a big way:

Coffee culture is experiencing a new revolution, transitioning back to the hometown and repurposed-craft coffee shops of old.

These new “old coffee shops” have the cozy feeling of a 50’s diner, the industrial décor of a 1918 manufacturing factory, and coffee made by the Gods themselves.

These places do very well to attract young urban professionals and students from local universities.

Small-town coffee shops could more appropriately be referred to as coffee lounges, providing the same intellectually stimulating atmospheres as the lecture halls of ancient Greek philosophers.

Portland Coffee brand identity examples

These are the kinds of things that most people in 2017, especially millennials in their 20’s and 30’s, are looking for. Intellectually stimulating, inviting, open, and honestly, a little run-down and rustic. Add to that some engaging social media marketing, and you have yourself a strong brand identity to further develop your business and customer culture.

If you’re looking to build your company’s culture, put down the Starbucks and try the local place across the street. You might just find your next burst of inspiration; or at least your new favorite place to grab a hot cup of Joe.


If you’re still looking for some brand identity inspiration, here’s a list of 25 examples of brand identity design done right.

Here's 5 tips to secure your electronic devices and get back at your prankster


*We do not condone the actions you take to get even with your prankster this April Fool’s Day. These are only meant to serve as examples. Be tasteful and stay out of trouble. Happy April Fool’s Day.

secure device
April Fools Office Prank

You could see how this prank can go south pretty fast if you have to send a quick text to your boss.

1. The Prank:

Text replacement. This one is a classic. The prankster grabs your phone while you’re out of the office and sets your autocorrect to replace common words such as “and”, “but”, etc. with rather hilarious phrases. You could see how this prank can go south pretty fast if you have to send a quick text to your boss.


How to get them back*:

Easy. Packing peanuts. Approximately 14 cubic feet to be exact. This should be enough to fill a small office roughly knee-deep with those crunchy little bundles of joy. It’ll run you about $35 on amazon, but if you’re on a tight schedule, you can run down to your local Wal-Mart on your lunch-break to grab a few bags.


Security measures:

Set a passcode for your phone. This digital security tip may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t ever bother securing their devices. If you already have a password on your lock-screen, it’s time to change it.

April Fool's Office Pranks Just Keep getting Better From Here

2. The Prank:

Setting an embarrassing video to play on max-volume when you boot-up your work computer.


How to get them back*:

Fun fact: luggage locks fit perfectly through those little holes at the ends of your power-chords. Don’t know what we’re getting at? Check out the picture.


Security measures:

This is a tricky one, especially if your boss, or IT guy is the prankster. They’ll usually have admin access to your work computer, rendering passwords useless. There’s two things you can do here.

  1. If it’s a laptop, just take it with you whenever you step out of the office for a while, especially on April Fool’s Day.
  2. If your laptop is bolted down, or you’re stuck on that old desktop, you can always leave a passive-aggressive note on your computer, warning your potential prankster to back-off or expect retaliation.
luggage lock office prank

Now you get it! Have fun!

Febreze grenade office pranks

Make sure it's a strong smelling one. We suggest Hawaiian Breeze or Cranberry.

3. The Prank:

Changing your office phone’s voicemail greeting. This one’s a bit childish, but your prankster may think it’s actually funny (yeah… we all know those people). This prank may also get you into trouble with your boss, or worse, you could lose a solid lead.


How to get them back*:

For a prankster as childish as this, it’s best to take the high-road. By that, we mean throwing a Febreze grenade into their office. Making a Febreze grenade is simple (see image for details).


Security measures:

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually set a pin to access your voicemail box. As millennials ourselves, we get how strange that big bulky desk phone that your office makes you use is. All those buttons make as much logical sense as an old Gameboy Color cheat code, but after a few YouTube videos and some trial-and error, you can get a security pin set up in no-time.

4. The Prank:

Rotated display. This prank is nothing more than a minor annoyance. All you have to do is go into your PC display settings or Mac’s display settings and set it back to default. The fact that someone made the effort to prank you however means WAR.


How to get them back*:

Broken Monitor”. Do a quick Google image search a find a high-resolution picture of a broken monitor. Set it as your prankster’s background.


Security measures:

There’s nothing new here, just set a password or take your laptop with you. But honestly, rotating your screen is a weak prank.

Broken monitor prank

There's a special place in our hearts for this one.

Funny April Fool's Day prank

Yup. This one just about does it.

5. The Prank:

Duct-taping your mouse’s laser-optic sensor. Hopefully, you only spent a few seconds wondering why your mouse wasn’t working before you checked the bottom of your mouse. If not… we understand.


How to get them back*:

Lube. Need I say more?


Security measures:

Do a routine check on your electronic devices. Then, sit back and relax as you watch your co-workers use the “hand-sanitizer”.

Here’s to a Happy April Fool’s from the BIA team!